Legends of Variety Tour

When the age of Music Hall was diminishing after the First World War audiences demanded more sophistication from their entertainment and Variety took over from the old Music Halls.
Sir Oswald Stoll started the trend after WW1 and packed theatres welcoming audiences with the Stars of the day and a splendid array of variety acts with his twice nightly shows in London and the provincial theatres with Comedians, singers, acrobats, sand dancers, ballet stars, magicians, jugglers. Mime artists, circus performers and the like.
Many became popular stars of the day and drew their own audiences but in the main weekly variety tours were forefront in the nations psyche and most towns and cities in the UK had at least one or sometimes two Variety theatres presenting regular twice nightly shows with three shows on a Saturday.

As the variety circuits were still going strong after WW11 American stars would be engaged to tour in Variety for the Stoll-Moss circuit as there was still a huge demand for this type of live entertainment. Many of the new breed of comedy artists now tour with one man shows but Variety as such is still popular.

Legends Of Variety is exactly that. We aim to put good old school star performers back on the boards and bring the best of those popular star names we all recall and revere.
They are all of a certain vintage but their experience and knowledge gained by years of honing their craft is still a joy to behold.

Long may you enjoy our true